So says Jehovah, the God of Israel,
I anointed you (David) king over Israel,
and I delivered you out of the hand of Saul.
.... I gave you your ......master's wives  into your bosom...

Bible Polygamy


Moses, the inspired author of Genesis 2:4, had two wives, Zipporah a descendant of Abraham and the Ethiopian woman a descendant of Ham. Moses, the entire nation of Israel and our Lord saw no "implied command" or "creation ideal" to be monogamous in Gen.2:24

Did you read the verse above
the main text?
God GAVE David his masters wives. God gave David more than one wife. This is much more than God "permitting" polygamy and did God forget His own words in Gen.2:24?

Gen.2:24 does not demand monogamy only, Jacob was one flesh with each wife. The fact that Adam and Eve were monogamous must be understood in the light of other marriages in the same book, given at the same time to the same people and written by Moses who had more than one wife. When Israel read Gen.2:24 did they cease polygamy? NO! After Gen.2:24 God gave extra wives to David.

God blessed David with wives but condemned him
when he took another man's wife.

How many wives did David have
before he committed adultery
with Bathsheba?

David did not commit adultery with each of his wives, adultery is intimacy with a wife not your own.

Polygyny is not adultery if it is, then God promoted adultery by giving David extra wives. It is time to face the truth; polygyny is Biblical.


Welcome to Christian polygamy

The Bible contains many accounts of Christian polygamy marriages. The Lord blessed and used Bible polygyny for His own purposes and glory and polygyny will rebuild Israel in the future Kingdom.

God does not condemn polygamy, never calls polygamy adultery, wickedness or a fleshly perversion. Polygamy was not abolished in the New Testament as is commonly assumed. Christians practiced polygamy for 300 years after the NT. As God's children we need to accept God's Word on this subject. Our Heavenly Father did not ask us to like His Word but expects us, as His obedient children to believe it. He did not create the dislike for polygamy since He is a friend of, and loves polygamists.

Are all Christians against polygamy? No, man made religions teach monogamy only. Are there Bible verses, any Scriptures against polygamy? No, not one verse can be found which plainly condemns polygyny; figuratively God Himself has more than one "wife".

Many Christians are seriously misinformed on the subject of polygamy, or better still polygyny. Some reactions against it are purely emotive; in ways unknown this subject touches deep personal issues. If this Bible subject brings fear, then the real causes of that fear should be carefully sought. Truth will liberate such Christians from fear, insecurity and the emotional bondage that the monogamy only tradition has promoted. Forced monogamy is a failure for many, and has brought about divorce deceit and hypocrisy in the Christian community.

This website is not promoting polygyny lifestyles, it was created to defend the Bible truth of polygyny against the horrors of half truths and out of context Scripture used against it.
We are not implying or demanding
that Christians should practice polygamy
Christians are free to marry monogamously, polygamously or remain single in the service of the Lord.

Moses, the inspired author of Genesis 2:4, had two wives, Zipporah a descendant of Abraham and the Ethiopian woman a descendant of Ham. Moses and the entire nation of Israel saw no "implied command" or "creation ideal" to be monogamous in Gen.2:24. Paul uses Gen.2:24 in the matter of a harlot in 1Cor.6:16 so Paul didn't think Gen.2:24 meant one man and one woman only.

It would horrify believers to know that God is a polygynous God in His relationship with Israel and Judah (Jer.31:31-32, Jer.3 & Ez.23) but they are only horrified because they are deceived by our false traditions; by reading into Scripture the western cultural concepts of monogamy only.

When our God speaks of marriage He does not differentiate. He calls a husband a husband if the man has one wife or four. He calls a wife a wife whether she is alone or with sister wives.  Monogamy and polygamy are words not found in the Scriptures of truth; Gen.2:24 is not offended by polygamy else God contradicted Himself by giving King David multiple wives (2Sam.12:8) and had instructed the Israelites how to sin in Lev.18:17-18 and Deut.21:15-17.

So much blessing comes to us and the world through polygyny. In Matthew 1 three out of the first four men in our Lord's genealogy were polygamists so please don't tell the Lord "only bad things come from polygamy", you might offend Him. Since our Lord came through polygamy and if God calls polygynists holy it is time His children stopped resisting God and His Word. There is nothing to fear in agreeing with our God of grace.

Praise the Lord, many theologians in the upper echelons of Christian academia are now writing against the monogamy only tradition. Here is such an appraisal and see also "By the Power Invested in Me".

Polygamists, both ancient and modern, are part of God's family as the day of glory will show. Any Christian standing for this truth might be condemned, marginalized and rejected as not having any value as a friend or servant of the Lord yet God loved, fellowshipped with, used and blessed polygamists and was not ashamed to be called their God, Hebs.11:16.

The "church" has tried, condemned and murdered polygynists and one wonders what they would do with Abraham, David and many other friends of God if they were in the assemblies today. Would Abraham be admitted as a deacon or left in the car park? Zealous missionaries are breaking up polygynous families, forcing mothers and children into desperate situations, this zeal is religious but not Scriptural. It defends church traditions, it does not defend God's Word.

We present the Word of God regarding polygyny accompanied with the prayer that rampant fear, ignorance and prejudice will melt away in the light of God's Word and polygyny will be seen for what it is; holy, acceptable to God, Scriptural, a sanctioned marriage option as much a choice as monogamy or remaining single.

Truth sets free, perfect love casts out fear.

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 Enter in Peace

Would God's friend and father of faith, Abraham be admitted as a deacon or left in the car park?

Why were there bishops after the NT era with more than one wife? How come the Greek speaking Christians back then,  did not see 1Tim.3 as an abolition of polygamy?

            Polygamy de la Biblia

Enter in Peace

1Tim.3 and Titus can not be used against polygamy,

There is NO injunction in the NT for the husband
to have one wife only. Husbands and wives were to keep intimacy in marriage thus let each have his own wife and her own husband.


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