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All claims of men
must pass the test of Scriptural scrutiny

                              Tom Shipley 2012


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Part One

Man and Woman in Biblical Law
by Tom Shipley

About this Book
This book is a doctrinal manifesto. Its aim and purpose is to produce what many modern writers are fond of referring to as a paradigm shift. The goal is to lay the foundation for the establishment of a truly biblical social order, especially within the community of Bible-believing, Christ-honoring families. The subject matter is patriarchy and the biblical exposition contained herein is devoted to establishing the proposition that it is patriarchy which is and was mandated by God ever since the original creation of man and woman.

This work is vulnerable to being misperceived as a work primarily about polygamy since the bulk of the exposition centers around that subject. But read carefully. Note the flow of the argumentation. The biblical exposition on polygamy here serves a supporting role to the fundamental proposition of God-ordained and mandated patriarchy. In terms of this thesis, it is a secondary and subsidiary point - which is not to say that it is not important as a subject in its own right.

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Part Two
They Shall Be One Flesh by Tom Shipley

From the author's Introduction
The failure of the Church’s theologians to adequately address these areas (sex and marriage) is not exclusive to the early Church and the Reformation period. Jay E. Adams points out in his book, Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible, that modern Evangelicals have “neglected the whole area for so long, uncritically accepting local or denominational traditions” (pg. viii). The simple fact of the matter is the Church to this day has never developed a systematic and biblically faithful doctrine of sex and marriage.

The patristic legacy on marriage, divorce and remarriage was strongly tainted by the philosophical asceticism which dominated the Greco-Roman culture of the day. Though the culture of the day was often indulgent and debauched in practice, the ascetic life was viewed, nevertheless, as the ideal. The ascetic view posited a spirit vs. matter dichotomy in which spirit was seen as good and matter evil. This view of the basic nature of the universe is at odds with the Hebraic (Biblical) view which declares all of creation as good, both the spiritual and the material, albeit tainted by sin after the Fall.

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