Bible Polygyny

..a King over you...whom Jehovah your God shall choose...he shall not multiply wives to himself, so that his heart does not turn away, nor silver or gold.. Deut.17:17


When we insist opponents of polygamy produce one plain statement of Scripture condemning it  the best they can do is the passage above. This pathetic appeal to a specific command to the Kings of Israel further demonstrates the widespread ignorance within the Christian community and the strained lengths taken to oppose that which God has never opposed.

God did not see
David's plurality of wives as being in contradiction to this edict, not once condemning him for having more than one wife. David did not multiply wives who turned away his heart as did his son Solomon.

In fact, God gave David plural wives (2 Sam.12:8) so our understanding of this passage is that the multiplication of wives is to be seen in the context of horses, silver and gold. The King was not to multiply these things because he had the power, influence and finances to do so. Each could turn him from Jehovah his defender and provider. Horses placed power in the military not God. Wives who would lead astray from God were not to be multiplied, and silver and gold placed confidence in money rather than God (Prov.30:8-9).

This passage does not demand the King have one horse

Solomon was lead astray by some of his wives (1Kings 11:1-4), but such wives were from the forbidden nations and Solomon's heart was not perfect as was David's in the matter of wives. Woe betide any of us who proceed to be unequally yoked together (2Cor.6:14). Any believer in a monogamous marriage can be lead away by an unbelieving spouse.

Those who desperately turn to this passage about the kings of Israel unwittingly prove that there is not one Scripture to condemn polygamy.


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