Bible Polygyny

If Adam and Eve were the "ideal" monogamous marriage, then there sure were some
from that ideal.

Adam disobeyed God and through him (Roms.5:12) sin and death entered the world which cost God the life of His Son. Adam and Eve produced the first murderer, I don't think any polygamous marriage could match that for bad consequences.

Using the "bad consequences" argument and using it only against polygamy is a pathetically subjective and imbalanced view.

..Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelech and his wife
and his slave women, and they gave birth. Gen 20:17


This refutation says that there have always been bad consequences of polygamous marriages in the Scriptures. Always? I mean truly always?

Aren't most evil doers in our societies monogamous?

Why are the bad consequences of monogamous marriages ignored? See what the TV will tell you about polygyny.

Most monogamous Christians and the wider society are quick to promote all forms of abuse evident in some polygynous marriages, they seem to think any marriage structure different to theirs is the basis of all evil.

These amount to the most spurious and profane arguments any one can present. In both cases the positive results of Scriptural plural marriages are put to one side and the abuse and "bad consequences" of monogamy are conveniently ignored.

Those who resort to the “unfortunate consequences” argument are in the main inflicted with endemic selective vision. They ignore the “unfortunate consequences” of monogamous marriages. The writer was raised in a monogamous family which, by the "bad consequences" argument, would be "evidence" enough to ban monogamy for ever. I am certain that many readers will have experienced similar horrendous childhoods in traditionally acceptable monogamous families.

Don't expect most media to "promote" the fact that some murderer was monogamous, it is sufficient that they were a murderer but it is of extra sensational value if the murderer was a polygynist. This is the spirit of self serving, subjective imbalance.

Most media, seeking ratings through sensationalism, trumpets the hurts, jealousies, abuse, incest, and child neglect of polygamous families because obviously these things are much worse when carried out by polygamists . When reporting the same criminal activities in monogamous families it never crosses their minds to emphasize monogamy. We must conclude that these things in monogamy are less evil and sensational in their view.

Have we ever seen the following headlines when these things occur, and they do occur;
"Monogamous mother murders her children"?

"Monogamy on trial for incest."

Naturally most media avoids making the majority of its audience uncomfortable. They are after all self promoting. It is an axiom of reporting that old news does not make a headline and neither does monogamy.

In the Christian sphere, Abraham is often used as an example. He married other wives and look at all the unrest and trouble this has created. Well, what did God say about Ishmael, a child born from another wife;

Gen 17:20  And as for Ishmael, I have heard you. Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly. He shall father twelve chiefs, and I will make him a great nation.

How convenient to ignore the positive blessing of God on Abraham's plural family and promote the "bad". I think God will sort out the issues between Abraham's offspring in that day.

Do you know how many concubines Abraham had? One Jewish lady told me Abraham only had one wife at a time until she read Gen.25:6. Abraham had many wives but remained a friend of God and was written in scripture as a wonderful example of faith.

God had no trouble calling a polygynist a friend.
2Ch 20:7 Are You not our God? Did You not drive out the people of this land before Israel, and give it to the seed of Your friend Abraham forever?

Did not God declare He would bless all families of the earth through Abraham and Jacob, two great Bible polygamists? Is not our Lord Christ the seed of Abraham and David, two great Bible polygynists?

Please don't stand in front of Christ and confess that only bad things come from polygamy, He might be offended.

People enter marriages and people, by application of the word of God, can elevate their marriage to incredible heights of love, acceptance, appreciation, and all the other virtues that a Christian marriage should manifest. On the other hand people in marriage can ruin and emotionally scar family members by disregarding the Words of the Lord. This equally applies to all marriage structures.

Adam and Eve produced the first murderer and Adam’s disobedience brought sin and death into the world costing the life of the only begotten Son. I doubt any polygynous marriage could match this for "bad consequences".

Elkanah (a faithful man with two wives) & Hannah (a sister wife to Peninnah) produced a son, a great prophet in Israel. Samuel is just another example of a "good consequence" of polygynous marriages. Gideon had many wives and was a mighty man in Israel. This positive list which is far more extensive than this is quickly forgotten when polygyny is considered.

Let opponents of polygamy produce one text which plainly and explicitly condemns it. They can not.

Polygamy is marriage blessed by God and those who loved and obeyed the Lord in such marriages enjoyed some very fortunate consequences as many are experiencing today.

There are unfortunate and fortunate consequences in both monogamy and polygamy but consequences of any relationship are not an argument against any marriage structure.

Let us not be children in our minds.

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