Bible Polygyny

Law enforcement agencies are not pursuing  polygamous families, if the Law isn't pursuing such families, then it is time for right wing Christians to cease pursuing them and accept that which God accepted.

 not according to the covenant that I cut with their fathers ...which covenant of Mine they broke, although I was a husband to THEM, says Jehovah;  Jer.31:32


It is time for the legislators to stop the hypocrisy. Remove all laws opposing Biblical Marriage and leave marriage where it belongs, with consenting adults and their families.

Bigamy is an offence but when consenting adults ignore the legal processes and marry according to the Bible, prosecutors refrain from action; this is now commonplace. Thus, if by action the law enforcement agencies are not upholding the Law, then the Law is an ass and needs to be changed.

Polygyny, in most cases, is de facto/common law marriage and is thus not "against the Law" since no legally binding contract is signed.

Polygyny must be decriminalized immediately for at least these reasons;
1. Polygyny is not against God's Law so why legislate contrary to God? And aren't we supposed to embrace freedom of religion?

2. To legislate against those who, in all good conscience, seek to serve God and His laws, is a denial of human rights and discrimination. It marginalizes those who have as much right to be recognized as any other member of society. America embraces the Word of God but would be obliged to condemn Abraham and most of the Old Testament saints because of its failure to acknowledge polygyny.

3. Not all individuals (or cultures, societies) are monogamous and to legislate against such individuals is manifestly intolerant by those who espouse tolerance.

4. To legislate against folks within our own society who may not structure their families exactly like we do, and to demand they comply with our position is a pointless exercise, historically proven.

5. By failing to legally recognize what exists and continues to do so facilitates ignorance by limiting freedom to present points of view without prejudice.

6. Failure to decriminalize polygyny cultivates abuse by impeding the enforcement of the Biblically, universally defined codes of practice for marriage. The law in the matter of polygyny is legal confusion for its enforcers. Polygyny should be enjoyed in clearly defined, legally protected ways.

7. It is blatant hypocrisy to legislate for some minority groups whose marriage structures might not be the norm, then huff and puff against another minority group whose religious and personal views might also not be the norm.

8. Wives have rights and by recognizing plural marriages, the wife abuse found in some polygamous marriages (as it is found in some monogamous marriages) will suffer more serious consequences. Polygyny is not the mother of abuse, lack of legal protection is the catalyst for abuse.

It must be said that decriminalization of polygyny would certainly open up many areas of action for the law enforcing agencies to prosecute abuse in such families.

Decriminalization of polygyny would also enable any practicing polygynous family to live fearlessly and in peace before the law and their community. Husbands and wives who embrace polygyny would do so knowing they had legal obligations before the Law and not live under the vagaries of an appointed religious authority. It would also provide them with all the protection the law affords against those who would abuse or ridicule them for their choices.

Polygamy is not sin, never has been, never will be.

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