Bible Polygamy

The Bible records some tension between Rachel and Leah in that Rachel envied her sister wife who bore children. There was also tension when Peninnah made  Hannah's life miserable because Hannah was also barren. Gen.30:1 and 1Sam.1:5-8. This is not to say these sister wives had totally unhappy lives from beginning to end.

But before suggesting such suffering about children was the sole "evil" of polygyny, we must remember that Elizabeth rejoiced at the conception of her son John;
Luk 1:24  And after those days his wife Elizabeth conceived and hid herself five months, saying,
Luk 1:25  So the Lord has dealt with me in the days in which He looked on me, to take away my reproach among men.

The word translated "reproach" means taunt, disgrace, this  monogamous lady suffered much the same as the sister wives.

 Once again, those trying to find bad things in polygamy
are one sided and myopic
in their refutations.






 And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us,
and has given Himself for us as an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savor.
Eph 5:2.


The “jealous wives” argument against polygamy assumes there are no jealous wives in monogamy, as if polygamy created jealousy in the first place.  Only bad things come from polygyny remember?

If jealousy was unique to polygamy then there would be very few marriage counselors but monogamy is in the majority and the counselors are doing very well thank you. Jealousy can be found in all areas of human relationship.

Please don't' project jealousy into polygyny and then use it as an argument against it.

When a wife has mental anguish because she thinks; suspects rivalry or disadvantage then she is in need of help. This is not unique to polygamy.

A husband can create situations where his wife is jealous and this will happen in any marriage structure. Its in the husband's hands.

Every love movie, every love novel is monogamy based. The axiom more deeply embedded is that true love can only be one with one. This is not true for everyone.

Polygynous cultures are not indoctrinated to think that a husband can only love one wife. Women in such cultures are not brow beaten or suppressed nor under the belief that love is exclusive. And yes, they are loved and love in return not only by their husbands but by their sister wives as well.

Western society promotes the monogamy concept that to be loved is to be loved exclusively and so they project jealousy into the polygynous situations and condemn it. How can these polygynous women be happy is the question asked by monogamists.

Christian missionaries are splitting up families because of the perceived pain and sinfulness of such families. We can be assured such missionaries do not ask if all parties are happy in polygyny because the missionaries aren't. I am only comfortable if everyone else is like me, right?

I raised chickens as a young boy and when any chicken was different from the mainstream, it was attacked and even killed by the "normal" members of the flock.

Not everyone can live this lifestyle. Many women can only accept that a man truly loves them if he is hers exclusively and they are free to embrace that concept but they should not demand everyone else be as they are in this matter.

There are many polygynous wives who are content and not jealous despite the fact that their husband loves other wives. This is hard to imagine by those culturally brainwashed into thinking monogamy is the only expression of "true" love. In fact, should a monogamous wife be told by a polygynous wife that she is very content and happy the monogamous wife may not believe it; she is incapable of embracing such a concept. Feeling threatened by the values of others needs to be addressed by the one feeling threatened.

What is love again? Find the word monogamy in 1Cor.13:3-8a.

There are many polygynous families that started out monogamously. Love and the walk of the Spirit welcomed other members into the family.

A sister wife is not a rival. A sister wife is not in an advantageous situation. A sister wife is not a threat though these things are hard to acknowledge from a monogamy only mindset.

Hagar was not asked to leave because their was jealousy between the wife, Sarah, and the concubine Hagar, but Christians think there was. Hagar was sent away because of the persecution Ishmael brought against Isaac. Gen.21:9-10 and Gal.4:29-30.

What is important in our lives, the opinions of man or the Word of God? If a plural family walked into our life or denomination would we scorn them because we have been told it is a sin and we agree because it doesn't "feel" right to us? Be prepared to stand with polygamists in heaven.

Abraham and David were both polygynists and one was "the friend of God" and the other was a "man after God's own heart". Both feature in Paul's exposition of righteousness by faith through grace in Romans, so polygyny did not negatively impact on their Christianity, nor God's opinion of them.

Does Paul admonish husbands in polygamous marriages here or all husbands?
Col 3:19  Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them. ISV.
Col 3:19  Husbands, love your wives, and do not be bitter against them.

Human failings can be found in any of us. The Lord gives the antidote, "as I have loved you, you should also love one another" (John 13:34).

Does the Lord say avoid polygamous families because they promote jealousy? The answer is a resounding no!  Avoid all jealousy anywhere because jealousy is not of the Spirit (Gal.5).

Love can be just as and even more bountiful in Polygamous marriages.

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