Bible Polygyny

When Christianity
contradicts God there is something drastically wrong

 This verse says God was a HUSBAND to THEM;
Jer 31:32 not according to the covenant that I cut with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which covenant of Mine they broke, although I was a
husband to them,
says Jehovah;

Some Christians say God had no wives but what part of husband or them is difficult to understand?

Oh, and do not hastily conclude that God was married to Israel's fathers, that would make God a homosexual or homoerotic,
which is not the case.
Read Ez.23 then read
Jeremiah 31:31-32.

"Them" in Jeremiah 31 refers to the two kingdoms of Israel seen as two sisters who both bore God children. This is all figurative but God does not engage in figurative wickedness.

"Christ only has one Bride", the monogamy only traditionalists cry but this makes the monogamy only position worse. Most Christians would acknowledge that Christ of the NT is Jehovah of the OT so it is Christ embracing the two sister Kingdoms of Israel as His wives in Jeremiah 31 and the Christians today as well? What about the 5 virgins of Matt.25 who enter into the marriage supper?

Oh dear, God's own Word would thus ascribe about eight wives for Christ, the two sisters of Jeremiah and "the church" of the NT and the 5 virgins. This tally does not including the New Jerusalem which is called "the bride, the Lamb's wife".

  Then Jesus said to the Jews who believed on Him, If you continue in My Word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:31-32



A recent survey shows 65%  of worshippers are women; Christian women outnumber Christian men but as a married lady recently observed that if the widows and single mothers were lonely then let them live together. Obviously she had her husband.

Then we have the nonsense promoted by some that God gives the gift of being single. Guess that makes the lonely women out there feel much better, but not if they check their Bibles for such a "truth".

We are not encouraging anyone to practice polygyny, we are defending the truth of it.  However, there are now Christian couples opening their doors to the lonely widows and single mothers of faith. Polygyny is an action of love and for love, never forced.

Consenting adults are free before God to make marriage choices which only offend those who are heavily indoctrinated with the monogamy only eisogesis which abounds in Christian and cultural circles.

The rapid growth in polygamy accepting Christians is due to the infallibility of God's Word which proves monogamy only a falsehood. This growth improves the options for the Christian single and single with children ladies out there. On one dating site there are 310 men and 849 couples available for consideration for the 257 single ladies. Now that's a positive thing, these ladies do not need to take the leftovers but can consider Christian single men or especially Christian families where the husband has a proven track record affirmed by his wife or wives who are ready and willing to accept and love another lady in the household.

We have been accused of hurting the Body of Christ which really means, for whatever reasons, the subject offends the one making that accusation. Truth never hurt any saint of God and since when did a true lover of the Lord and His Word reject any subject found within it's pages?

The need is great, and praise the Lord many Christians are now discarding the usual traditional but non-Biblical arguments against this lifestyle. Below are many links which will help demonstrate that this is true.

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Two essential books every Christian needs to read
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Increasing numbers of Christians are showing more Biblical balance to the subject of Polygamy polygamy a sinful lifestyle?

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Polygamy dating sites are growing daily. As with all dating sites, great care must be exercised especially when some cater for but are not Christian owned and operated.

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A man fathers many children but it's only an oddity because he didn't' marry all the mothers.

Here is a TV commercial designed to break down bigotry and prejudice in certain areas but avoids the remotest suggestion that a family could also be one Dad and three Moms. I guess "so many combinations" excludes polygyny and "it doesn't matter" if Gays and Lesbians have families but it does matter if Polygynists have families.
Rosie O'Donnell HBO A Family is a family commercial on You Tube

Some light reading;
Herbert Meyer's paper "What in the World is going on".

Patriarchal books on Polygamy
"Patriarch Publishing House"

Did a famous movie star really "sleep" with 1300 women?
Who cares, he wasn't a polygamists anyway so it doesn't matter right? Men can have as many affairs as the chose; support mistresses but just don't marry more than one it offends the religious right because we are a monogamous culture and monogamy is best, our divorce rate proves it.

Media bias
All polygynous families are offended when certain networks banner "the face of polygamy" when they want to trumpet some child or wife abuse? See the TV said polygamy was bad for my health. These same media moguls are hypnotically silent when they telecast the same abuse on a much wider scale in monogamous families.
Ever seen;
Monogamous Parents Convicted of Incest?
Monogamous Pastor's wife shoots her monogamous husband?
when a homosexual or vegan commits a crime
The other side of vegans; the other side of homosexuals?

Any crime committed by anyone living any lifestyle is equally as criminal. But unfortunately the media has dollar eyed thinking, showing monogamy in a bad light is not newsworthy and who wants to poke the accusative finger at the majority.

Most child sex offenders are monogamous mothers and fathers

Most child pornography sites are run by monogamists

Most rapists are monogamous

Most genocidal maniacs are monogamists

Marriage structure does not produce evil within families. Evil people in some marriages produce evil, and social services departments are hard pressed to deal with all the abuse in monogamous families. Let's be serious, who was the worst sinner? Adam who by disobedience opened the door for sin and death to enter the world or Lamech who was only a sinner because of Adam's disobedience? Which is worse, Adam the monogamist or Lamech the polygamists? Silly illogical questions I know but makes us think, yes? Oh, and please note, not once did God condemn Lamech as a sinner but the Word sure levels failure against Adam. Perhaps we should argue that polygamy is better because Lamech was the less sinner? Stupid, but hey, maybe it will make someone think.

Marriage structure does not produce good or evil, people do. Some monogamous people are evil, some polygamous people are evil and some single people are evil. Monogamy is not the lesser of two evils.

It's time to stop numbing and dumbing the faithful and the Word of God in our attempts to argue against polygamy.

All Scripture quotes on this site MKJV unless otherwise indicated.

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