Bible Polygyny

most evil is perpetrated by monogamists, lets ban monogamy

And the Scripture was fulfilled which says,
"Abraham believed God, and it was imputed to him for righteousness,
and he was called the friend of God." 
Eph 5:28


It is sad but true that many who vegetate in front of television all day actually see TV and other media as bastions of the truth and those so preoccupied believe every word the media shoves down their throats. This is called media programming and some suggest it is with Government assistance.

In these cases such media indoctrinated folks will believe that polygamy and those who practice it is bad for their health and the health of society. The media suggests that polygamy is evil and many go along with this nonsense.

Have you seen such banners as "the face of polygamy" and "polygamy on Trial"? WOW, such coloring is totally absent when people in monogamy are prosecuted or exposed to the same extent for the same things.

When Warren Jeffs was before the courts the myopic media were having a field day with such banners and not so subtly suggesting all polygamists are like Warren Jeffs and his group. Are all in that group like Warren Jeffs? The media will suggest so.

Mr. Warren Jeffs is not in goal for practicing polygamy. He was never on trial for polygamy.

Imagine the media doing a banner for O. J. Simpson like this; "Monogamist on Trial". Mr. Simpson is a monogamist right?

What about the monogamist wife who shot her monogamist Pastor husband in the back? Did you see monogamy bannered in that news story? Why not?

What about any monogamist mother who murders her children? See monogamy featured in the news headlines? Why not?

When most of the media latch onto a negative polygamy story they blaze it forth for all their worth playing on the fears and insecurities of the majority and seeking those rising ratings which translate into increased revenue for themselves and their shareholders.

Can we imagine most of the media searching for a good polygamy story? That is like expecting a thief to search diligently for a policeman so he can report his theft.

All polygynous families are offended when certain networks banner "the face of polygamy" as they trumpet some child or wife abuse. Many media moguls are hypnotically or hypocritically silent when they fail to emphasize monogamy when reporting the same abuse in those families. Indeed the majority of abuses in those families go unreported every day.

When was the last time you saw any media promote the face of monogamy when reporting some wicked murder or child molestation in monogamous relationships? Oh Yes! They might report the really horrid examples but do they suggest it was occasioned because of monogamy like they suggest when reporting the same issues in polygamy? I see you laughing hysterically.

Is it that child and wife abuse in monogamy is just not newsworthy any more? Or is it that monogamy is not newsworthy? Or is it that most media folk are monogamous and don't want to cast shadows on themselves when reporting such wickedness but have no hesitation casting such shadows on the "wicked" polygamists? Let all media uphold that great axiom, let not truth and objectivity get in the way of  colourful story.

When most media feature polygamy I think we can safely throw balance, fairness, integrity and honest motives out the window. You and I can spell fair and reasonable as can most primary school children.

Generalizing is not being fair and objective, this is why I leave space for the few media networks who try for balance. Pick up your magnifying glass friends they are out there somewhere.

Most media when reporting evil in polygamous families generalize either directly or indirectly, casting the wickedness on all polygamous families and suggesting the wickedness results from such relationships. Such generalizing is unfair and objectionable and to blanket all polygynous families with the wickedness of the ones and twos who practice such wickedness is to be condemned and protested.

Not all polygynists practice arranged marriages, not all polygamists give away young girls as brides, not all polygynists agree with such practices and indeed most polygynists condemn them. See the links page.

There have been arranged marriages in the monogamous community and monogamous men have married very young girls for centuries, but alas, the media have shortened or convenient memories and all this is thrown aside so they can freely "expose" such "wickedness" in the polygamous culture. I believe Arkansas has freed folk to marry no matter what their age so long as all families agree. Oh dear, I failed to notice the media condemning that State for child abuse.

If you are a polygynous family and watch or read unbalanced reporting, send them an email. Let the world and some of the media know there are good polygynous families out there.

One wonders if Texas authorities would take children from families that promote Satanic worship because we could also decide that such children are at risk. What about families of radical parents? We don't want any child raised to be a bomber now do we.

Marriage structure does not produce evil within families. Most child sex offenders are monogamous mothers and fathers. Should we therefore cast out monogamy or at least brand it as the genesis of such wickedness? Do we automatically think all monogamist are like the wicked few? Such reasoning is a nonsense but it is logical when some polygamists sin.

Monogamy has produced the worst dictators and genocidal maniacs the world has ever seen. Time to ban monogamy then?

Many wives in monogamous marriages don't report their husbands who abuse their sons and daughters, they keep it in the family. Also there are many wives in monogamous marriages who suffer terrible physical, emotional and psychological abuse from their husbands. Some suffer silently because of their love for their children, their lack of hope, their fear, but in some cases because nothing will be done. And it must be said, some mothers in monogamous relationships are the biggest child abusers.

Evil people produce evil deeds. One marriage structure does not facilitate evil nor promote more evil than another marriage structure.

The social security departments of many western governments are unable to cope with the abuse in monogamous marriages and some of the media want to trumpet isolated cases in polygynous marriages? Now that has to be labeled as the biggest leap of ignorance or hypocrisy known to man.

Perhaps ignorance or self interest selects which evil to promote. Is polygamous evil more wicked than monogamous evil? It would seem some media thinks so. Certainly polygamy evil has far more selling power for the indoctrinated masses who think polygamy is evil because they were told that by the media, a very profitable cycle indeed.

Most marriages facilitate love, harmony, peace, security, fellowship, support and joy of life. We assure those brave enough to discard the majority media view that polygamy is harmful for our health, that such is the happy lot for most polygynous marriages.

Most polygynous families are not unhealthy for their neighbors or society in general and make as many positive contributions to the world as monogamous families.

If you want to see the bigotry and prejudice of the misinformed public, go watch BIG LOVE on HBO and ask yourself what you would do if a polygynous family moved in next door. Your first reaction might be to lock your children in the cellar to preserve them from the child molesters and you can thank unbalanced media for that. Perhaps the child molester is the monogamist mother on the other side of the street or your monogamist baby sitter.

Here is a reasonably balanced polygamy documentary though it is from a fundamentalist Mormon perspective:

Perhaps one of these days the world will recognize that not all polygynous families are as the media suggests they are but maybe we expect too much too soon.

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