Bible Polygyny

But if the unbelieving one separates, let him be separated.
A brother or a sister is not in bondage in such cases, but God has called us in peace. 1Co 7:15.


Is the Bible monogamy only? Are there Scriptures against polygamy? The answer to both these questions is NO!

If polygamy was a gross wickedness or adultery as some Christians claim, then it should be a simple matter to produce passages from the Word of God which clearly say so. Unfortunately for opponents such passages do not exist.

In this section we shall examine the Scriptural gymnastics employed by opponents as they try to show polygamy in a bad light. They claim that Jacob was a backslider when he was given all those wives, that there have always been bad consequences of plural marriages, that God is a monogamous God in his relationship with Israel, that polygamy was the consequence of sin or the hardness of menís hearts, that God permitted polygamy in the OT but it was never His "perfect" will, that "the two shall be one flesh" can only refer to one husband with one wife and that Paul demanded men should be the husband of one wife along with some other spurious and profane arguments that do not stand up in the light of the rightly divided Word of Truth.

Let the reader beware, to label polygamy fornication, adultery or some other gross wickedness implicates God in such things, for God ordained a form of polygamy, made laws for polygamy, spoke of having two wives Himself and gave David extra wives.

Would you welcome Christ into your home or church?

Would you welcome Christ and King David into your home or church?

Would you welcome Christ, King David and his 10 concubines into your home or church?

If you say yes to two out of three, then you are blinded by the traditions of men and need to seriously re-examine polygyny.

Be prepared to fellowship with plural families in the day of glory where our Lord will accept them into His presence.

Polygamy is not sin.


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