Bible Polygyny

when attending church,
please don't throw
money in the plate
and brains out the window

If Paul said sound doctrine would not be endured in the last days and many would forbid marriage, could this apply to polygyny?

And Abijah became mighty, and married fourteen wives, and fathered twenty-two sons and sixteen daughters. 2Ch 13:21


Gen.2:24 The two shall be one flesh

Adam and Eve
not Jenny and Jill as well

Polygamy wasn't God's original intention

Only bad consequences of polygamy

The New Testament
condemns polygamy

Permissive not perfect
will of God

Christ has only one bride

Husband of one wife

Polygamy is adultery

Jacob was a backslider

God was a monogamist

Polygyny was never

Abuse in polygamy

Law of the land
Polygamy is illegal

I can't handle the wife I have

Exploitation of women

Sex before marriage?

Christ never married and Paul said it was best to be single

No Church approves

Christ died on the cross for sins, this includes polygamy

Let every man have his own wife.
1 Cor.7:2

Sin and the hardness of men's hearts

The first polygamist was a murderer

Ephesians 5

Jealousy among wives
(true love is only
one man and one woman)

Who could afford it anyway

Lusts of the flesh & men preying on weak women

Bishops and deacons

All polygamists are Sex maniacs

Israel's Kings not to
multiply wives

Solomon's Wives

Abraham only had one wife at a time

The TV said polygyny was bad for my health

Polygyny degrades women


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