Bible Polygyny

But to the sons of the concubines which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts. And he sent them away from Isaac his son while he still lived,
eastward to the east country.
Gen 25:6


Monogamy only Christians will argue that polygyny is not encouraged in the Word of God.

Of all the weak arguments foisted against polygyny this one exposes how sadly lacking the monogamy only tradition is when it comes to Scripture. Once the reader has examined all the Scriptures presented on this site then we know it will be impossible to cling to this woeful and ineffective claim.

It could be said the world does not promote polygyny, but then the World is not really interested in the Word of God and is under the heel of the Prince of the Power of the air and his mammon system where even Godly monogamy is considered an impediment to the race for monetary wealth and possessions.
1Co 1:20 Where is the wise? Where is the scribe? Where is the lawyer of this world? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

Col 2:20-23 Since you* died with Christ from the rudimentary elements [or, basic teachings] of the world, why as living in the world are you* submitting to regulations? "You* yourselves should not handle nor should you* taste nor should you* touch," which [things] are all for corruption with the using, according to the commandments and teachings of people, [cp. Isaiah 29:13] which are indeed having a reputation of wisdom in self-imposed religion and [false] humility and severe discipline [or, non-indulgence] of [the] body, [but which are] not of any value against indulgence of the flesh. ALT.

Polygyny never promoted? What nonsense! The word of God is full of case after case where polygyny was used, blessed, regulated, and thus sanctioned and protected by God.

God Gave wives to David. 2Sam.12:8.

Jehovah had two wives Himself. Jer.31:32.

Laws were made to prohibit favoritism or prevent vexation by the husband to his multiple wives. Ex.21:10 and Lev.18:18.

Prophecy foretells the day when Polygyny will rebuild Israel. Is.4.

Polygyny is central to the Kinsman Redeemer role in Israel. Brothers who refused to raise up seed to their dead brother were to bear shame. Deut.25:5-10.

Polygyny is the basis of World blessing through Israel. Jacob and his four wives.

Many of the Old Testament giants of faith were polygynous and we are willing and ready to promote their faith, but shouldn't we promote their marriage choices as well?

We have shown commands for polygyny and commands for those husbands who adopt the lifestyle. It could be said there is more Scripture promoting polygyny than monogamy especially when we consider that most passages used against polygyny are about marriage and not marriage structure.

Polygyny is as much and possibly more a "promoted" marriage option than monogamy in the Word of God but woe betide any Christian who tries to promote it in the Christian community. Let polygyny opponents find an honest argument.

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