Bible Polygyny

1Ti 3:2 Then it behooves the overseer to be without reproach, husband of FIRST wife, temperate, sensible, well-ordered, hospitable, apt at teaching,

This word one is elsewhere translated first but it doesn't matter. Paul is speaking to deacons (and bishops), it is a huge stretch to argue this verse means polygyny is banned. Guess the church which bans polygamy then promotes women to deaconship is powerless to argue against polygamy from this passage anyway.


 Sanctify them through Your truth. Your Word is truth. John 17:17.



We believe in One Almighty God who has manifested Himself as The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

This demands belief that the Lord Christ Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old Testament and to avoid misunderstanding we quote Deut.6:4 which says “Jehovah our Elohim is one (pl) Jehovah”.

We believe that the Lord Christ Jesus was God manifest in the flesh. He came in the likeness of sinful flesh and His death on the cross covers the penalty for sin, and all sins of thought, word and deed.

The work of salvation was complete when Christ was crucified, died and rose again. By the grace of God through our faith in Him we are saved, not by our works but unto good works.

We believe that only the Bible is the Word of God, the only book inspired by God. It is complete and our only handbook for doctrine, faith and practice. This includes all of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament. Therefore, it must include every word that the apostle Paul wrote. We do not believe Paul was “misinformed”, or “missed the mark”, or his doctrines and practices are outside of God’s inspiration.

This site was not formed by anyone previously associated with the Mormon religion or any of its offshoots. We do not uses material other than the Bible, we do not place anything else above the Bible in authority; no priest, no church, or any philosophy of man.

Marriage is a choice as is not marrying. We do not encourage Christian polygyny unless all are very close to their Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus and can follow the standards of marriage as found in Ephesians 5:17-33. We are available to counsel those considering and involved in this lifestyle.

We believe there is a great need for Christians to study the Bible about it rather than simply to accept the traditionally entrenched arguments against it . We are not Polyamorous or Polyandrous.

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