Bible Polygyny

Let your speech be always with grace, having been seasoned with salt,
that you may know how you ought to answer each one.



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Videos Biblical marriage
01.  Biblical Marriage; Introduction to Polygyny
02.  Biblical Marriage; Genesis 2:24 "they shall be one flesh
03.  Biblical Marriage; Great Kings of the OT
04. Biblical Marriage; Jehovah's Wives
05. Biblical Marriage; Polygyny in Prophecy
06. Biblical Marriage; Adultery defined, polygamy is never adultery
07. Biblical Marriage; The Law men and unmarried women
08. Biblical Marriage; Law abolished?
                                            Only bad things come from polygyny, really?
09. Biblical Marriage; Deut.17 Christian hypocrisy
10. Biblical Marriage; OT to NT, God' estimation doesn't change
11. Biblical Marriage; Hardness of hearts, Matt.19, Deut.24
12. Biblical Marriage; 1Cor.7:2  his own wife, her own husband
13. Biblical Marriage; No polygamy in the NT? Josephus,
                                            The Herods, John the Baptist & the Law.
14. Biblical Marriage; No polygamy in the NT.
                                            1Cor.5, Lev.18, Matt.19.
15. Biblical Marriage; Revision
16. Biblical marriage; 1Tim.3:2 bishops and deacons,
                                             husband of one wife only?
17. Biblical marriage; We're not under law but under grace.

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01.  Introduction to Polygyny
02.  Genesis 2:24 "they shall be one flesh
03.  Great Kings of the OT
04. Jehovah's Wives
05. Polygyny in Prophecy


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