Bible Polygyny

But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth,
for the Father seeks such to worship Him.
Joh 4:23.


Why is the truth about polygamy suppressed? Fear and maintenance of the status quo are both big suppressors of truth.

The way many Christians express their reactions to this subject are appalling, vicious and sadly self condemning.

We have suffered verbal abuse, ridicule and condemnation in language less than "gracious" by those who would stand up in other circles and profess to be Christians in thought word and deed, and are applauded for their claims. But this topic brings out their deeper colours because in some way it threatens or exposes some things otherwise well concealed. Who can understand why some Christians turn full circle in Christian attitude when this marriage option is discussed.

Those Christians who discuss this with their "church" hierarchy discover that there are some who agree with us but say nothing publicly to that effect. Indeed, many agree polygamy is Scriptural but few Christian communities discuss it openly, tell the truth about it, or attempt to remove the darkened coloring hitherto so wrongfully applied to it.
"Churches" simply can't about face on major doctrine for loss of credibility is not an easy river to cross. Many "church" leaders might confess privately that polygamy is acceptable to God but when was a balanced presentation of polygamy on the preaching schedule at your "church"? It is time for organized orthodox religion to place God's Word first in this matter and discard the profane arguments that have kept the truth obscured from the faithful.
More and more Christians are prepared to stand with God’s Word on this matter;

 Psa 33:4  For the Word of Jehovah is right; and all His works are in truth.
Polygamy is sanctified marriage and some believers now live the lifestyle without the “blessings” of organized religion or state. The blind man  fellowshipped with the Son of God after he had been evicted from the synagogue (John 9). Polygamy is sound marriage doctrine.



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